Here’s a completely alternative point of view from my own on Dreamworks Home. Just trying to share a lot of different perspectives. Check out Movies, Books and Ramblings for some great content. My review go to post

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This film has got to be one of the cutest I’ve seen in a long time.

Home tells the story of a species of alien, the Boov and their move to planet Earth after being chased by their nemesis, the Gorg. Upon their arrival to planet Earth, all humans were relocated to make space for the Boovs. Oh (voiced by Jim Parsons), is a unique Boov who behaves differently from his fellow counterparts. Having just moved in to his new home, Oh decides to throw a party, hoping to bring his neighbors together and make more friends. Unfortunately for him, no one liked having his company so he decided to take a step further by going to see his best friend, Kyle (voiced by Matt Jones), to invite him over to the party. Since Kyle was busy with directing traffic, Oh thought to send him an…

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3 thoughts on “Home

    1. Thanks. Someone had accused me of ‘trashing’ the film and so I wanted to show other perspectives. I didn’t think I trashed it. I was frustrated because it had a lot of potential. I didn’t give it an F after all. I think in a weird way the bad reviews may have helped it a little bit. Nothing saves a movie like really low expectations. It wasn’t one of those movies where I wanted to leave the theater I hated it so much. It just had lots of problems and I didn’t think it was very good. But others disagree and that’s awesome. I hope we can always have a vigorous debate while still respecting what others have to say. No trashing unless it is truly trash. 🙂 (I’m talking to you Chicken Little…)


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