Taestful Face-Off: Inside Out vs. The Good Dinosaur

Kevin over at taestfulreviews.com breaks down his opinion on Inside Out vs Good Dinosaur. He makes some great points and I think some of his verdicts will surprise you. I think both movies are excellent and Good Dinosaur very underrated by many. I loved both


May the best movie win!*

*Seven categories have been carefully picked to decisively crown the deserving winner

Pixar2015FaceOffPostersWhy are these movies facing off?
It’s one of those rare years where we get double the Pixar films. Pixar Animation Studios has plans to make this a more frequent occasion in the future but with sequels, not originals. So naturally, the question arises: which original 2015 Pixar film deserves to win the Oscar for best Animated Feature? Let’s sort this one out!

Category One: Animation/Backgrounds/Effects
The Good Dinosaur. No question.

Winner: The Good Dinosaur (1-0)

Okay, let's talk this one out a bit more. Okay, let’s talk this one out a bit more.

The Good Dinosaur reminds me of the wondrous work of art that is Bambi. For my fellow animation fanatics, remember the little April shower scene? The Good Dinosaur takes pages from none other than Walt Disney and his works in the 30s and 40s, the time of…

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4 thoughts on “Taestful Face-Off: Inside Out vs. The Good Dinosaur

    1. I agree that Good Dinosaur is underrated. However, I still feel that Inside Out is the better film. Still, both are great and enjoyable films.


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