Hi! Welcome to the 54 Disney Reviews blog.

In July I tore my MCL making me relatively immobile.


I am normally an open water swimmer but clearly my knee wasn’t going to allow me to do that and I’m the kind of girl that needs a project.  I thought and pondered what I could do from my bedroom that would be fun and involving?  Then it hit me I have always wanted to watch all of the Disney films.  I’ve been a blogger for 7 years over at http://smilingldsgirl.com  so it also seemed natural to blog about the experience.  Plus, writing reviews would help me to improve and having just started a new marketing job (dream job) any experience I had creating and writing content is a good thing.

I also participate in Nanowrimo each year (well this year will be my 3rd) so I’m hopeful watching and analyzing all of these stories and films will inspire me to write something special. I am a very religious person and so that effects my views on films but I also appreciate darker themes when done in the right way.

I try to be positive and find things I like in any movie. Luckily with Disney that isn’t difficult.  They are so creative and fun that for the most part their misses are still a lot of fun.  My grades for the films are relative to within the Disney world.  If I was comparing it to other animated films nearly every Disney would get an A.  The Lorax and The Smurfs would get a true F from me because they are so cynical, obnoxiously drawn and trying to sell products to kids.  So, most Disney is great in comparison!

Nevertheless, I try to be thoughtful and detailed in my analysis.  I welcome feedback and comments.  We may not always agree but hopefully we can respect everyone’s opinions and ideas.

Thanks for checking in and let the Disney magic begin!

mickeyI also have a youtube channel with unboxings and some movie and DVD reviews so check it out. http://www.youtube.com/user/smilingldsgirl


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