My Favorite Movies 51-100

Hi friends! I hope you have been doing well and had a great Memorial Day weekend (or just weekend if you are overseas.

Over on my youtube channel I have been doing a countdown of my favorite movies of all time! This was a struggle to create (which is why I don’t often do rankings.  They stress me out!). Mind you. These are not the best movies ever made- just my favorites. Today my 60-51 will post so I thought I would share with you the bottom 50. These are all movies I really love so the placement is a little bit arbitrary.

Let me know what you think!

100. Summer Wars- creative, layered and fun anime by Mamoru Hosoda

99. Lili- sweet lovely musical starring Leslie Caron and Mel Ferrer about a girl who falls in love with puppets and then the puppeteer. Beautiful surrealist production design

98. Dazed and Confused- Richard Linklater’s ode to his teenage years hits all the right notes

97. Gravity- stunning visuals make you feel like you are in space in a tight and absorbing thriller from Alfonso Cuarón

96. Terminator- terrific sci-fi with action that holds up but compelling characters and world building

95. Umbrellas of Cherbourg- Jacques Demy’s masterpiece about a love that wasn’t meant to be but still important

94. A Room with a View- Ismail Merchant and James Ivory were an amazing team in this beautiful lush film that perfectly adapts EM Forster’s novel (not last you’ll see of him on this list) and has one of the best kisses in movie history

93. Wall-e- Our lovable robot from Pixar marks the finest artistry ever captured for computer animation. Sweet characters and a moving story about finding your humanity when it is seemingly lost

92. The Tale of Princess Kaguya- Isao Takahata’s masterpiece. Every shot in this fairytale is a work of art. The way it integrates music is tremendous and the story is very moving

91. The Music Man- a story with tons of heart about how even a swindler isn’t a lost cause. Great songs and performances by all

90. Jane Eyre (2011)- this version directed by Cary Fukunaga his haunting and mesmerizing. Mia Wasikowska makes for a young Jane but has huge chemistry with Michael Fassbender. They are two lost and wounded souls who find redemption through love

89. Rocky- more than a boxing movie it is a love story. Rocky actually doesn’t win the big fight which makes him calling out for Adrienne all the more meaningful

88. Pollyanna- a movie I find myself thinking about a lot these days. There is real power in positivity. I love Karl Malden as the reverend and his journey of repentence

87. Mad Max Fury Road- a visceral pulse pounding experience to watch. This film gets better the more I watch it and think about it

86. The Little Princess- another stunning film by Alfonso Cuaron. I love all the performances and how it never looses hope. The music by Patrick Doyle is one of my all time favorites

85. Talk of the Town- a forgotten gem of the 40s that mixes social commentary and slapstick humor about as well as I’ve seen. I love the discussions about justice and Jean Arthur, Cary Grant and Ronald Colman have terrific chemistry

84. Spotlight- moving study of not just the crimes of the Catholic church but of the problems that come with group think. Very well written and moving. I think much better than All the President’s Men, which felt clinical and cold to me in comparison

83. Napoleon Dynamite- similar to Pollyanna, Napoleon is a character who refuses to let the bad around him bring him down. A very funny script and sweet message bring it all together. Vote for Pedro!

82. Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan- one of my favorite scifi films that weaves together horror and scifi elements with great performances from all involved. The ending is emotional and earned

81. 500 Days of Summer- such a creative love story that is not really a love story at all. I love all of the creative flourishes like when the screen splits into reality and expectation. The ending is perfect

80. Easter Parade- I recently rediscovered this film and I think I like it even better than White Christmas. Judy Garland and fred Astaire are at their best with terrific song and dance numbers with great chemistry

79. Sleeping Beauty- stunning animation combined with terrific characters like the fairies and maleficent make Sleeping Beauty one of Walt’s most memorable films. It also has the best Disney prince of them all. Go Phillip!

78. While You Were Sleeping- a wonderful romcom with a terrific script and great chemistry between the leads.

77. Brooklyn- such a rich rewarding film that not only gives us one romance to buy into but two and supporting characters that are fleshed out and feel real

76. The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh- probably Disney’s most underrated film. I love all the characters, songs and shorts. The ending is perfection

75. Mr Smith Goes to Washington- I love a good Frank Capra emotional journey and that’s what we get here. Jimmy Stewart is at his best and it reminds us to fight for lost causes in life!

74. Walk the Line- one of my favorite biopics about Johnny and June Carter Cash. I love all the musical numbers and the honesty behind the romance. They don’t try to make the characters seem perfect and they don’t try to tell their entire lives.

73. The Fugitive- even now after seeing it many times I still am on the edge of my seat with The Fugitive. The pace is done perfectly and both TLJ and Harrison Ford are easy to root for, which makes it absorbing to follow

72. Wait Until Dark- a great horror movie starring Audrey Hepburn as a blind woman who is being stalked. Has one of the best jump scares in the history of film and it really works.

71. Lord of the Rings Trilogy- I’m not normally a fantasy girl but it’s hard to not get wrapped up in the saga of Frodo and the ring of power. It is the definition of epic

70. Nausicaa: Of the Valley of the Wind- a dystopian I actually like with a lead that is trying so hard to love and help her people. Stunning animation, music and a beautiful message of hope

69. Old Yeller- not just a dog story but a coming of age tale that gets me every time I watch it.

68. Babette’s Feast- a film about doing what you are best at in life and serving others no matter their faith. Plus, it will make you hungry watching it!

67. Alice in Wonderland- I love all the nonsense in Disney’s adaptation of the classic story. Alice thinks nonsense is the better way to live and she gets sent to Wonderland to find out. Gorgeous animation and fun songs make it a delight

66. Return to Me- romantic dramedy with huge heart that I love. Minnie Driver and David Duchovney are terrific and I love all the side characters. It’s so sweet and heartwarming

65. Raiders of the Lost Ark- some of the best action ever put to screen and massively charismatic Harrison Ford as Indy. The whole cast is great and it’s just super entertaining

64. Grey Gardens- groundbreaking documentary that follows Big and Little Eddie in their strange but beautiful lives

63. Howard’s End- a stunning adaptation of one of my favorite books in every way. The acting, script, cinematography, music and everything else is flawless. It’s such a rich story where so many characters get developed fully

62. Calamity Jane- Doris Day shines in this charming musical set in the old west. Great singing and chemistry with Howard Keel. A delight.

61. In America- moving film by Jim Sheridan about the immigrant experience of one Irish family new in America. All the acting is incredible and it had me weeping in all the right ways

60. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory- Gene Wilder is a delightful Willy Wonka and I love all the songs. Pure imagination!

59. It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World- the all stars of comedy come out for this treasure hunt movie and it is hilarious. I especially love Ethel Merman throughout the film.

58. Sing Street- Beautiful coming of age story about a boy who not only starts a band but realizes he has a gift for playing and writing music. It is a hopeful story with great songs!

57. Princess Bride- a classic live action fairytale with everything you could ever want. There are princes, pirates, storming the castle, enchanted forests and more. Plus, it’s pretty funny

56. Hoop Dreams- stunning documentary that follows 2 boys and their families for 7 years as they try to make it in the NBA. It’s not about basketball it is about people and their lives. It made me think of people in new ways and still impacts me today.

55. Before Sunrise- Another from Richard Linklater that follows Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy around Vienna as they get to know one another and fall in love. Such a great script!

54. Ben-Hur- a soaring epic with real heart. The ending with the miracle works because we have been through so much with the characters. The chariot scene is amazing but so are many other scenes and set pieces.

53. The Tree of Life- Terrence Malick’s beautiful prayer in movie form is a movie that helps me contemplate my life and all the hope and beauty that surrounds me. Stunning cinematography from Emmanuel Lubezki.

52. The Marvel Cinematic Universe- I know this is a cop-out but I kind of think of the Marvel movies as  one big movie and I really have enjoyed almost all of them. They know how to make entertaining blockbusters with great casts and witty banter. Marvel is all about its heroes and I’m all about that!

51. The Secret of Nimh- Don Bluth’s masterpiece gives us one of the most unlikely but easy to root for protagonists ever. I love the way the animation uses light and works with the amazing Jerry Goldsmith score.

So there you have it!

What do you think of my list so far? Which would you have higher or lower? Which have you never heard of before and might check out? Let me know in the comments section.


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